Monday, 9 March 2015

Capital E National Art Festival...

Today we had the amazing opportunity to go into Wellington to the Capital E National Arts Festival.  We saw three incredible shows in three different venues.

We travelled by bus to our first show, Orchestra of Spheres at the Paramount Theatre. What an explosion of colour, noise and light.  We were delighted, confused, amused and entertained.  We liked being able to get up and dance along with the performers.  It was good fun.

Afterwards, we walked with our Capital E Host Crystaline to our morning tea stop outside the iconic St James theatre.  After refueling, we headed over the the gorgeous Opera House and saw Carnival of the Animals.  This was B5's favourite show ... what incredible dancers/acrobats/athletes the performers were.  At one point they stood on one another's shoulders and did double-dutch skipping - WOW!  We recognised lots of different animals and enjoyed joining in with balloon tossing in the audience.  

We made our way through the heart of the city and along the waterfront to Shed 6 where we saw our last show, Dirt and Other Delicious Ingredients.  This was a show we could use lots of our senses - our smell (cinnamon, spice, dirt, leaves), our eyes (dance, movement, costumes, lighting), and our hearing (musical instruments, singing, laughter, crinkling cinnamon). This was a fun performance and we were surprised when the performers had a tomato fight.

After lots of walking, laughing, watching and wondering we piled onto the bus, tired but happy and returned to school.  What a GREAT day.  Thank you to our wonderful parent helpers that came along.

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