Tuesday, 31 March 2015

More Football...

Last week we blogged about the football tournament we participated in here at school. Well, here is a movie with lots of pics from this very fun event...

Today we wrote about the tournament.  Some of us are learning to use recount planners to compose our stories and others are continuing to learn to write a story about a picture plan.   Here are some of our stories for you to enjoy ...

Shared writing ...

Last week we had a football tournament.  I got four goals for my team.
I was in the red team.  It was the greatest team.  By Harry

 Last Wednesday the year twos played football on the senior field.  My team had no score.
I was watching the different teams.  B4 won.  I was happy for them.
I got to kick the ball.  By Mugundhan

Last Wednesday we went to a football tournament.  I thought that it was fun.
My team's coloured bibs were blue.  It was hot.  I didn't get any goals but I did kick the ball.
By Amy
Last Wednesday the year two went to a football tournament.  I was team seventeen and
our team wore red bibs.  I had fun.  B4's yellow team won!  Our team got four goals.
We were not in the finals.  It was hot, tiring and I ran out of energy!  By Libby  
 Last Wednesday we played football for a football tournament.  B4's yellow team won the tournament.
I got very, very hot from running.  Team seventeen was the best team not eighteen because
 when seventeen vs eighteen, eighteen got 0 and seventeen got 1.  I loved the tournament.  By Gregory

Last Wednesday we had a football tournament.  Some referees helped us play football.
Before we played football we put numbers on our hands.  B4's yellow team won.
 I kicked the ball so hard.  I was in the blue team.  Two seniors helped team nineteen.
There was a funny boy and a bossy girl!  It was so fun playing football!  By Wilfred

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