Monday, 16 March 2015

Our Budding Artists...

Recently we went on a trip to The Dowse and made some amazing pictures representing ourselves and special adults in our lives as koru.  

Norm Heke explains the significance of the koru: "The coiled motif of the koru is a frequently used design in many Maori art forms. Another name for the koru is pitau, which is also the name of a fern frond. As the fern grows, the tightly wound spiral unravels into a fully formed leaf, symbolising growth and renewal.  The spiral shape occurs elsewhere in nature too, for example in shell."

Check out some of the koru art we've been making with Mrs Marshall, our school's fabulous art teacher.  It follows nicely from our Inquiry, 'Me and My Place' and our recent field trip.  Our art work is displayed in the B block corridor.  Take a look next time you're at school...


  1. Hello B5
    Well done your pictures look fabulous.
    Malakai would like to know how you made your fabulous koru patterns? Remi wants to know what you have used to make them?
    We made some koru pictures too on our trees and our paua - from Piper
    from your friends at Clyde School

  2. Hi Thanks for your comment. For the small pictures the children used something sharp and scratched the koru shape onto a cd, then painted on pva then sprinkled glitter on them. For the bigger pictures, they used apricot kernels, buck wheat, shells, crushed autumn leaves. We will look on your blog to see if we can see your koru pictures :)