Friday, 20 March 2015

Where We Come From...

As part of our Inquiry, 'Me and My Place' we have been learning about ourselves, our community, our cultures and ethnicities and where we come from.

Mrs P asked our parents earlier in the term which countries families in our class came from.  Today we used a cool online mapping tool called Pinmaps, and mapped those countries.  Can you spot Eastern Hutt?

Later we were talking about next week's Movin' March day and who might be walking, scootering or driving to school depending on where we all live.  We decided we would map our homes too.  Using the same programme, we spent some time searching for our addresses and marking them on the map.  We were interested to see that we have class members who live from Upper Hutt all the way to Petone.  We come from a large area. We decided those places would be too far away to walk to school, so maybe they'll dress up their shoes and do 'fancy feet' instead.  Can you spot your house?


  1. Dear B5
    We are quite amazed at how many countries of the world are represented in your classroom!
    We have some B4 children who live too far away to be able to walk to school, too! Some of our students live on farms and catch the bus to school every day. Some of them have to be up very early to get to the bus stop on time.
    Other students live very near to school and just have cross the road!

    Do any of your B5 students come to school on the bus?

    warm wishes
    B4 and Mrs McKenzie

    1. Hello B4 and Mrs McKenzie,
      Thank you for your comment. One of our school values this week is Diversity, so it has been great to talk about where we all come from and celebrate this!
      No one catches a bus to school. Many children walk or scooter (parking is pretty hard to come by around our school), and those that live further away come by car.
      Mrs P & B5