Thursday, 23 April 2015

ANZAC Day 2015...

This weekend we mark the commemoration of 100 years of ANZAC day.  We have been talking about ANZAC day and sharing our own knowledge and ideas.

We have been nurturing the poppy seeds we planted on the last day of Term 1.  They will not be flowering in time for ANZAC day but they are certainly growing...

We read a book about the Dawn Parade (by Phillipa Werry).  This moving account is of a boy called Leo who goes to a Dawn Parade for the first time.  Some of our class have been to one, others are attending this year for the first time.  The story inspired us to do some writing of our own.  
Sharing ideas and our ANZAC day wordbank...
Prior to Easter we had a great writing session where we brainstormed a whole lot of ways of writing and had the opportunity to write our own stories in any genre we chose.  Today we did the same thing.  Some of us wrote 'Rules for attending an ANZAC day parade', some wrote stories about ANZAC day and Dawn Parades, some children presented their writing as a cartoon, others did brainstorms.  

Have a look at some of our writing and what we know about this very special event...

On ANZAC day I will make a poppy at my house out of paper.
ANZAC day stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corp.
ANZAC day is fun. The end!
~ By Tanush
On ANZAC day soldiers ride horse.  It is sometimes called a
Dawn Parade.  People wear poppies or medals.
They also sing the National Anthem.
~ By Ayla
'On ANZAC Day' rules: 1. Must keep safe 2. Listen
3. Be respectful 4. Sing the National Anthem 5. Be good.
~ By Mugundhan
On ANZAC day you remember people that died in the war.
You pin poppies onto your top.  You play the National Anthem.
~ By Wilfred
On ANZAC day soldiers that have survived from the army come and march.
On ANZAC day you wear poppies and you might put your poppy on the memorial
of names of people that past away.
~ By Hayley 
On ANZAC day all of the soldiers who went to war and are still alive go to the Dawn Parade.
ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corp.
ANZAC day is really sad for me because my great-great-grandfather died.
~ By Libby
ANZAC Day brainstorm: 25th April; Dawn Parade; tank; soldier;
remember people who died in the wars; poppies; marching; medal; singing.
~ By Idrees
On ANZAC day soldiers march in the Dawn Parade and lots of people look serious.
Nobody says a word.  On ANZAC day we wear poppies.  I like ANZAC day.
~ By Avni 
Tomorrow we are making poppies with our special friend in A7, our buddy class.  Check back on our blog to see how they turn out.

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