Thursday, 30 April 2015

Green Fingers...

You may remember last term when we discussed our class garden and what we might grow in it?  Well we've started planting...

At the end of the term we planted some poppy seeds which are now starting to emerge through the soil.  We are excited about when they might bud and bloom.

Today we prepared the soil in our garden (weeding and turning the soil), then planted a selection of flowering plants.  We also planted a Feijoa (special request from students)!

We've also planted some vegetable seeds in pots and are looking forward to watching them grow in our classroom. When they're big enough, we will transplant these to the garden. There is a selection of vegetables including tomatoes, zucchini (courgette), capsicum, spring onion and peas. We will also plants some herbs later in the year such as basil and parsley.  

We hope you will enjoy watching our garden grow as much as we will...


  1. Hello B5
    You are lucky that you are still able to plant things and watch them grow. Down here in Clyde it is getting too cold to plant vegetables. We have had a few frosts this week and there is some snow on the hills.
    However, we do have some bulbs to plant next week and will be looking forward to spring when they will start popping their heads up.
    Have fun growing your veggies.
    From Clyde School Junior rooms

  2. Dear B5
    We are pleased your garden is growing so well.
    Towards the end of last term we planted some sunflowers in the box outside our classroom.
    Even though it is getting colder here, they have grown very well and are getting taller than us! We don't know if they will flower though.

    How will you keep your plants safe in the frost?

    warm wishes
    Mrs McKenzie and B4