Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Yoga ...

In B5 we do some yoga every day.  Yoga is a great way to help our minds and bodies wake up with a stretch, wiggle and bend...

We often do yoga out on the field, but sometimes we even do it while we're waiting in line to go somewhere.  It has been a rainy week and Mrs P found a really cool video on YouTube that we have been following when we have to be inside ... it has all the same poses we have been learning like Cobra Pose and Down Dog (don't they have funny names?).  In B5 we like doing yoga...


  1. HI B5 Thank you for sharing the yoga song with us. We liked the photos of you doing yoga. We are doing the yoga too and we love it. We are going to do it every day next week. Do you have other yoga songs we could try?
    from you clyde junior room buddies