Friday, 8 May 2015


Yes, you read right ... 'Adopt-a-star'.  We were very excited to hear about this opportunity from Carter Observatory and quickly decided as a class that we would love to do this. We sent off an application late last week and today received our adoption certificate and information.  We are the proud adopted 'parents' of a giant blue star called HIP 8261 (also known as Grafias) in the Scorpio constellation.  We are an official Star Supporter.

Here is some information about our special star.  Please let us know if you can find it in the night sky.  We are learning about our planet and the solar system at the moment.  We are hoping we might be able to find it, and to perhaps ask about it at the Observatory when we visit later this month.

Here's some information to help you find your way around our sky (you will need a dark, clear night and a torch to read these instructions) ...

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