Thursday, 21 May 2015

Autumn Leaves...

The wind was swirling around our school buildings this morning churning up the piles of fallen leaves lying in piles around the grounds.  They crunch when you walk on them, and are a bright array of gorgeous colours.  

We decided to use some leaves as inspiration for our Thursday 'Ways of Writing' session. First we examined our leaves ... we closed our eyes and listened to them as we ran our fingers over the edges and they crumbled, we felt the ridges along the leaves and the sharp edges, the woody stems, we shared our experiences with leaves ... jumping in them, raking them up, hiding in them.  We went on to build a word bank which we could use in our writing - what descriptive and interesting words the children came up with today - words like rustling, crinkling, flutter and crackly.

We talked about suitable styles of writing for writing about an object.  We agreed that a postcard or letter wasn't that suitable, nor was a map.  Look at all the other ideas we came up with though...

We had so much to say that Mrs P's writing got
very messy while she was trying to record our ideas!
We shared our ideas and stories orally with one another and then went off to do our 'Ways of Writing'.  Here are just a few of the pieces of quality work from our class of super-duper writers today....
A Poem (By Aaruchya)
Leaves fall down off the tree;
Excellent brown, yellow, gold and red leaves;
A leaf makes a crunchy sound;
Fun is in the leaves.
Crunch!  Crunch!
Non-fiction writing (By Rose)
Little leaves blow away like paper in the wind.
Leaves fall down. Leaves fall on the ground.
(By Steven)
This leaf is funny.  It's name is Steven.  It can do tricks!
Recipe to make leaves. (By Libby)
1. Get a seed at (in) Autumn.
2. Plant it.
3. Wait till it has grown.
4. Wait till the leaves fall off the tree.  If there's fruit on it, pick it!
Narrative story (By Ayla)
Once upon a time there was a leaf named Lesa .  She lived in
a town.  She was very nice but... the other leaves in the town town
were not, so she got treated like a witch!  Because everyone ran away
from her, she was sad, so she moved away from the town. When she
got away, she built a house.  Luckily there was a shop near her house.
The leaves in the town started to miss Lesa, so they set off to find her.
They were starting to get tired then they saw a little house so they went
inside.  There was Lesa.  Lesa was scared but then they were nice and said,
"Sorry". Lesa said, "That's ok," and they lived happily ever after.
The End

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  1. Aaruchya mentioned that she wrote a poem at school. I thought it just sentences she may wrote. But, looks wonderful. Good start as this is her first poem as I aware. Thanks for sharing.