Friday, 22 May 2015


Today was pretty neat.  We got to share our knowledge and skills about gardening with our buddy class...  

We have been learning about the needs of plants, have prepared our gardens and done some planting already (see previous garden posts), and have been growing seeds in our classroom also.  Today we gifted some onion and snow peas seedling to A7 so they can get their class garden started, and showed them how to plant them by planting the rest of the seedlings we've been nurturing in our class, in our own garden.

First we had to dig a hole and carefully put the seedling in, being sure to keep the plant upwards.  We gently pressed soil around the base of the plant and then patted the soil down on top.  A little water and a name stake so we know what it is that is growing, and we were done!

Back in class, Miss Purcell was helping her students to plant seeds into recycled yoghurt pottles.  We have shared how to look after these and the kids are going to look after them carefully until they are big enough to plant in their garden.  

From now until the end of term we are going to work with one another to maintain our gardens and make some cool things for our gardens.  We have lots of eager children and a wide range of experience to draw on, so the results should be great.  

Thank you A7 for helping us with our garden today.  


  1. What fantastic gardners you are. You must all have green thumbs! I bet the snow peas will be yummy. What did you plant to attract bees? Do you thinks need in your garden are good or bad? Jennifer (Hope's mum)

  2. What a wonderful garden B5 has. It looks like it is receiving lots of love and care!

    1. Thank you Dave! Most of us really like having a garden at school :)
      From B5

  3. We have planted different flowers in our garden which will attract the bees. We didn't want to have a lot of bees in our garden though as it is right next to where we sit for lunch and where the others classes are at break times. We have our very own Eastern Hutt Bee Garden at the end of G block. There are lots of special plants that attract bees. Thank you for your comment :)
    From B5