Friday, 15 May 2015

Gumboot Weather...

Yesterday it was raining but not like usual rainy days. It rained so much that our valley flooded. We finished school early and got sent home.  It was a super wet day.

Harry's street was flooded so he couldn't get home straight away. He and his family went shopping at the mall instead and bought a nice warm puffer jacket. His dad had to stay in the city overnight as the motorway was blocked off and he couldn't get home.

Libby's roof started leaking in the storm.  Her family used a fish tank to collect to drips.

Rose was unable to get up the hill to her house as the rain had caused a big slip on the hillside.  She and her dad went out and did some other things and then when they got home, they parked as close as they could get and walked the rest of the way.  

Emma's mum and dad couldn't get home either and so Emma stayed with her nana.  Later in the evening, her mum called to say she'd got home in her car and her dad walked home in the sopping rain.

Ayla had to go a different way home as the road near the beach that she normally travels on was closed.

When Hayley was going home, her mum had to carefully drive through a humongous puddle. A bit of water got in the car.  It was a bit scary because it leaked in.

Mugundhan saw that next to the bus stop there was a huge line of water, like a river.  It was scary. People were not allowed to go that way.

When Olivia went to pick up her brother she saw a big flood.  Then later she saw an even bigger one. The river had overflowed into the carpark.

Jalisa normally walks home but because it was SO wet she got a lift home.  On the way home she saw a flood and had to go a different way.

Gregory's parents couldn't get home quickly. It took almost four hours for them to get home from Wellington to Lower Hutt (it normally takes about 1/2 an hour).

Steven got stuck in traffic on the way home and had to drive through a big puddle. It was lucky that no water got in the car.  There were lots of cars. His step-dad was late coming home but he wasn't in Wellington, so it didn't take so long. Where his nana and grandad live was like a river.  

Wilfred's garage flooded and his family couldn't get the car out.  The water drained away out the front overnight.  

Adit's street was flooded, just up the road from our school.  On the way home his car slipped a little driving through the water.  His carpark at home was filled with water so he had to park outside his house.

Before Yusra went home she visited her grandad in hospital. On the way back there was a big flood. Yusra's mum had to drive through it.  It was fun.  Some water splashed on the windows and her mum had to use the wipers.

This is outside Professionals and Abode Cafe which is right next to our
school.  Look how deep the water is!

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