Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day...

Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mums from B5...

On Friday we got together with our special friends from A7 and made beautiful cards for our mothers.  We hope you liked them.  We persevered and worked hard at sticking to the task, rolling up teeny pieces of red tissue and collaging a heart.

A7 and B5 showing you some love...


  1. Dear B5
    Those are lovely hearts that you made for your mums. You are lucky to have such useful buddies to help you.
    Did any of you cook something special for mum on Mothers' Day, or take her out somewhere special?

    warm regards
    Mrs McKenzie from B4

  2. What beautiful mother's day cards. I bet your Mum's felt very special and loved.
    How did you spoil your Mum's on mothers day?

    1. Ayla gave her mother a card and a cake and a necklace that she had made.
      Tanush gave his mum a card and 3 chocolate bars. She didn't want to eat them though!
      Hayley tidied the lounge and gave her mum 2 cards.
      Hope gave her mum a card and had a special pizza dinner.
      Jalisa gave her mum a card and present and a big cuddle.
      Yusra gave her mum the card she made and they went to a bike/scooter garage.