Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Seasons ...

We have been learning about the seasons as part of our inquiry. We know that we get different seasons because of the tilt of the earth and it's rotation around the sun.  We are looking forward to finding out more on our visit to Carter Observatory tomorrow.

Every Thursday for writing we do 'Ways of Writing'.  We discuss an idea, book, character or theme and then we can write about it using any type of writing we want.  Today we wrote about the seasons.  Some children did non-fiction writing, sharing their knowledge and facts about the seasons. Some wrote poems, others did brainstorms, postcards, letters, cartoons and process maps.  Some children wrote some fabulous narrative stories and let their imaginations go wild.  Here are some examples of our writing from today's session ...

A Poem About the Seasons ~ By Idrees
Summertime is hot,
Everyone eats iceblocks,
After they are done they run,
Snow comes down in winter,
Off to NZ in Winter,
NZ is Winter now,
Spring is when flowers bloom.

A Poem about the Seasons ~ by Adit
Easel to paint with
Still so hot
On summer...
"No, it's Winter!"
Summer - we play!
A story about the good, the bad and the seasons ~ by Ayla
Once upon a time there was little people in a town.  One of them was very good.  In this land all the seasons are at the same time.  One day the girl had a problem ... a witch came and made the seasons disappear!  Now there was no sun or moon or clouds.  There was not much food now.  So the little girl went to find that naughty witch.  She found the witch's cave.  Then she found the witch.  The witch said, "What are you doing here little girl?".  "I'm here to take the seasons back, Mrs Witch" replied the girl.  "No you won't little girl!" shouted the witch.  "Stop calling me that.  Call me Lily!" said the girl.  "Ok Lily" the witch said.  "I'm going downstairs so don't touch that potion."  "I won't", said Lily.  When the witch went downstairs, Lily grabbed the potion and fled out of the tower.  When she got back to the town, she gave all of the seasons back.  The End.

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