Monday, 1 June 2015

Birthday Season ...

Well not really, but today marks both occasions.  The 1st of June is the change of season here in New Zealand and the beginning of Winter.  

This year we are also observing the Queen's birthday on the 1st, so it is a public holiday. It is also Xavier's birthday!  Happy birthday Xavier :)
Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 89th birthday.
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Did you know that the Queen's actual birthday is not on Queen's Birthday weekend? The Queen had her birthday back on April 21st. She was born in 1926 so this year she turned 89. The Queen's father, King Edward VII started the Queen's birthday holiday so his daughter could celebrate her birthday when the weather was better. Remember what we learnt at Carter Observatory? When it is Winter in one hemisphere, it is Summer in another.  So although here in June it is a bit chilly and often rainy, in England it is more likely to be sunny and warm.

In New Zealand we observe the Queen's birthday on the first Monday in June.  

Queen Elizabeth II in 1926 held by the Queen Mother.
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