Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Postcard Update...

We've been so fortunate to receive postcards from all over the world this term, and from all sorts of different people.  Many of our student's families have got on board and are spreading the word so we have been getting cards from relatives, friends and friends of friends from overseas.  In fact we have received 79 postcards so far in total.  That's a lot.

Today we were super-duper excited to receive two very special postcards, both in reply to cards we sent ourselves in May.

One was from Scott's Base in Antarctica. The person who wrote the card (not named, but if you're reading this a very big thank you from us), told us it is -30 degrees there at the moment and they will not see the sunshine until August.  We know from our Inquiry into the sun and our solar system, that this is because of the tilt of the Earth and position in relation to the sun.  

The other card we got ... drumroll please ... was from the Rt. Hon. John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.  

Thank you all of you who have contributed to our Postcard Challenge.  It is great to find out about different people and places across the world, and to highlight different ways of writing and staying in touch.  Keep those cards coming... if you want to write to us, send a postcard to Room B5, Eastern Hutt School, Kings Crescent, Lower Hutt 5010 (New Zealand).  If you'd like us to send you one (we'd love to), please email your address details to Mrs P, our teacher.  Thank you.


  1. Great to see the postcard from Antarctica and PM John Key. Hope will reach 100 cards soon.

  2. Some cards from interesting parts of the world

  3. How awesome! What a great display of postcards. We are wondering what is the furtherest away country that you have received a card from? What is the one that you like the best? from the Clyde school juniors
    PS We think it is such a cool idea that we might make some postcards next year.

  4. What a wonderful collection of friends from around the world and just down the road in Wellington. What fun!