Thursday, 11 June 2015

Writing with Connectives - Mercury & Venus ...

We've been learning about Mercury and Venus this week.  There are lots of space experts and astronomers-in-the-making in B5.  Here's some things we know about Venus...

For writing this week, we have been learning about using connectives or joining words. Lots of us use 'and' (often) so it is good to have other joining words we can use to make our writing more interesting. Some of the connectives we thought of were 'but', 'because', 'and', 'so' and 'however'.  

Here's some of our writing about Mercury and Venus.  Can you spot the connectives?

Mercury and Venus ~ By Tanush

Mercury is closest to the sun but Venus is the hottest planet.  Venus moves around the sun the slowest but Mercury goes around the sun the fastest!  Venus is the third smallest planet and Mercury is the first smallest planet. Venus is Earth's neighbour.  Venus has volcanoes but Mercury has holes made from asteroids smashing it.  Venus was named after the Roman goddessof love and beauty.  Venus had water but it dried up.  Mercury is made of iron.  Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.  Venus is the second planet from the sun but Mercury is the first.  From Earth, Venus and Mercury look like bright stars.  One year on Mercury takes about 59 days however Venus has no air.  On Venus one year is 224 days.  Venus has no moon and Mercury has no moons too.  Venus moves in mysterious ways however Venus moves the other way to Earth.  Mercury is hot during the day however Venus is hot all the time. Some people think there are aliens on Venus and Mercury but there aren't!  People also think that Mercury is the hottest planet but Venus is the hottest.

Mercury and Venus ~ By Libby

Mercury is the smallest of the planets and Venus rotates the opposite way Earth does.  One day on Mercury takes about 59 Earth days however it was names after the Roman god of love and beauty.  Mercury moves in mysterious ways.  Mercury is mostly made with iron and rock but there is lots of volcanoes and craters on Venus.

Mercury and Venus ~ By Jacob

Mercury is closest to the sun but Venus is the hottest planet.  It is the hottest planet.  It is hotter than Mars and hotter than Jupiter but the volcanoes are not erupting.  It can go to 480 degrees which is very hot. After that, Venus is the second planet from the sun and from Earth Venus looks like a bright star.  


  1. You are very clever to use connectives, buddies. We can not write like that yet, but we are getting better.
    From: Room 4 - Broadlands School

  2. Super writing. What a lot of interesting facts! Some of our class are trying to use connectives too. Your writing will be great examples for us to discuss.
    from Mrs Kitto (Clyde Junior Rooms)