Friday, 24 July 2015

Term 3 ...

The first week of the new term has whizzed by.  We ended it with lots of celebrations. First was our termly powhiri welcoming new students, whanau and teachers to our school.

Today was also 100's Day. Every day in class we count and keep track of how many days we've been at school.  

It's an exciting time when we get to 100 and today we celebrated this special event in style.  Many of us came dressed in something to do with 100 (spots, stripes, the number, even play money)...  

We had a dance-off and a parade with all the junior classes...

Super-Duper B5

Happy 100 Days Everyone!
The Year 2 students then did 100s fitness.  We had 10 stations and did at least 10 of each activity before we moved to the next. Phew - what a great workout.  Then our class enjoyed a lovely shared lunch...

Throughout the afternoon we enjoyed doing some 100 maths activities, counted our postcards (we've got 92 now) and then took 100 cups and made a pyramid.  We got to about 80 before it collapsed.  Lot's of fun...

Easy does it, Hayley...
One by one, Hope...
Mugundhan looks good in 100...
This is our poem for the week:

We liked the poem so much, we wrote our own version...

 Our 100s Day Poem ~ By B5

 100 flies for 100 frogs
100 feet for 100 clogs
100 spots for 100 dogs
100 waves for 100 togs!
100 licks of 100 sweets
100 leaps of 100 sheep
100 people for 100 chairs
100 people everywhere!
100 feathers in 100 hats
100 balls and 100 bats
100s and 1000s for a hundred cakes
100 ducks on 100 lakes
100 plates for 100 girls
100 ribbons for 100 curls
100 toys for 100 boys
100 laces for 100 shoes
100 fish in 100 bowls
100 holes for 100 moles!
100 elephants in 100 herds

Today we celebrated the special time we have enjoyed with our classmate Idrees, who had his last day today as he is moving house and will start a new school on Monday.  Idrees, it has been a pleasure to have you in our class and you will be missed.  Here is a lovely picture of Idrees and his brother Ali.  Haere rā Idrees!


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  1. HI Room 5
    We read your 100 day poem that you wrote and it was really cool. From Birar
    I like you poem. We read a poem like your one on 100 days of school. from Avie
    What was the best thing that you did on your 100 day celebration?
    We celebrated 100 days of school too. We dropped 100 balloons off the Clyde bridge and watched them float away. from Kenzie
    We had a 100 days of school and we go to wear our PJ's. from Meisha