Friday, 21 August 2015

Celebration Games ...

For fitness we are going to be learning some fun celebration games.  Today we learnt to play Musical Chairs, the way Mrs P was taught when she was a little girl.

First we had to get a chair and put them in a circle facing out.  Then we had to sit on the chair.  When the music started we had to move around the circle.  First we skipped, then we jumped, granny-stepped, walked, jogged, giant stepped and hopped around the circle (each time we did something different). Each time the music stopped Mrs P had taken 1 (and then 2 or 3) chairs away.  We had to sit on a chair really quickly.  If we were left standing then we were out and sat in the middle of the circle.  

Jacob was the winner of Musical Chairs today.  

We had lots of fun and it was good exercise!  
We were hopping so fast that the photo is all blurry!
Jumping with both feet together...
Jogging around the circle!

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