Monday, 21 September 2015

All About Weddings...

Today we have done some shared writing about a special visitor we had in our class this morning ...

Today Rose's mum Paula came to speak to B Block about weddings.  Paula is a wedding planner and she owns the Wellington Wedding Show.  She told us about why people get married, how you get married and who can get married.  She got kids to come up to show what happens ... like getting engaged, wearing wedding rings and different cultural weddings. It was fun.
We learnt that engagement rings are usually diamond
because diamond is the hardest wearing stone.
The ring is round, and represents eternal love.
It goes on your ring finger which is called your heart finger.
 Adit gave Emma a gorgeous engagement ring
 (just pretending of course), 
Two of our friends from B Block got 'married'.
The groom wore a moustache and a bow tie and the bride
wore pearls, a head veil and carried a bouquet of white flowers.  

We learnt that often the bridal party will have special helpers.
These girls were being bridesmaids. The
bridesmaids had special hair adornments
and one gave the bride a horseshoe for good luck.
We learnt about weddings in different cultures.  Pepper-Jo and Jacob
 exchanged pounamu (green stone) carvings.

Often at a wedding the bridal party give favours (or little gifts) to the
wedding guest.  Rose gave everyone a chocolate!
Here is Paula and some of the children who helped
demonstrate the roles of Bride & Groom, Bridesmaids,
engagement, exchanging wedding rings, Samoan
weddings and Māori weddings.
After morning tea we had great fun designing and dressing Miss Woodfield as a bride in preparation for her big wedding in real life in a week or so.  We used paper, plastic bags, garden ties, pipe cleaners and newsprint paper.  Doesn't she look fabulous!

Miss Woodfield in her recycled bridal fashion

The morning finished with a wedding themed golden time.  Children chose from a variety of activities including making paper flowers (which we are combining with other classes and presenting to Miss Woodfield later in the week), wedding colouring in and fashion design, and dressing a wedding table.  You can see an example of the wedding table in our classroom.  We had a great morning and learnt a lot about weddings.  A big thank you to Paula for coming along and for Miss Woodfield for being such a good sport.

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