Friday, 18 September 2015

Centenary Grove Planting...

As part of our exciting Centenary celebrations, we have been planting a Centenary Grove of trees – one tree representing each decade, along with other shrubs and ground covers in a specially prepared garden bed.  This will be a lovely asset to our school and a great place for learning and reflection, to be enjoyed by our whole school community.

Today B5 and a number of other classes from across the school had great fun outside in the dirt.  We dug, scooped, planted, filled, laughed and sweated as we planted several trees to help out.  A big thank you to Dave, Lisa and Marie who came along to help and a huge thank you to Arb Innovations who generously donated the trees, plants and their time to help out.

The different trees include New Zealand specimen trees such as Titoki, Kowhai and Kauri.  We also planted some Griselinia trees which will line the fence along the stream. There are also some nice low-lying grasses around the specimen trees.  

When we had planted we had to spread the mulch around evenly.  The mulch smelled really good.  It had come from a Pohutakawa tree.  

Over the next few weeks a pathway and some seating will be added to the Grove. We are looking forward to being able to enjoy it when it is finished, and for many years to come.

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