Friday, 16 October 2015

1915-1920 Centenary Dress-up Day...

Today Eastern Hutt had a 1915-1920 dress-up day as part of the lead up to our Centenary celebrations next weekend.  We had a good look at several archive photos from the period to see what we would wear ... caps, long socks, shorts, shirts, ties, dresses, ribbons.  Lots of students and all the teachers came dressed up today.

Mrs P looked like a very stern governess from another time completely.  A student in another class thought she looked a bit like Nanny McPhee.  Here she is with her daughter Olivia, also dressed up for the day ...

Here's some of our super-duper class.  Notice our teaching station?  Mrs P covered it in black paper and used chalk to write up our timetable for the day and our handwriting (in cursive).  It was also Aaruchya's birthday.  What a way to celebrate!

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