Saturday, 24 October 2015

E.H.S Centenary Celebrations...

This weekend we celebrated Eastern Hutt's Centenary.  100 years of schooling here in the Hutt Valley.  
After a couple of windy and rainy days, today was beautiful.  We gathered in our classrooms eagerly anticipating the events of the day and dressed in our finery. Girls wore party dresses, boys wore their best jeans, many children wore beautiful cultural costumes.  Mrs P even wore high heels!

Whilst the Centenary guests attended a special performance in the hall, the remainder of the teachers and students were 'in school'. After our usual morning routine of the roll, calendar, days at school and sharing news, we spent some time making some cool party accessories - colourful paper chains and some neat Centenary hats.  Theodore joined in too...

Theodore (and Adit) and his Centenary hat!
Kids hard at 'work' (and having some fun)...
We enjoyed Centenary cupcakes and lemonade for morning tea.  The cakes had lollies on top so they looked like '100'.  We sang happy birthday to Eastern Hutt in te reo Māori.  

Theodore joined in the celebrations too...

Theodore enjoying his cup of lemonade!
Morning tea time...
We had lots of visitors through our classroom after morning tea.  Mr Thomas attended the school in 1944 and told us all about how B block used to look. We found out that classrooms were much smaller (at some point a verandah along the block was closed in and classrooms opened up to become much bigger), each had about 40 children, desk were the old wooden ones with lift up lids and ink wells (which were used in the 'standards' rather than 'primmers' with a fountain pen) and the walls were quite dull with a big blackboard at one end.  We had another student from the 50's, a teacher from the 60's and a group of students from the early 80's and 90's come through.  It was pretty neat to see their faces as they shared their memories of their time in our classroom and their old teachers and classmates.  

We later went out to the junior field with the rest of the school and our visitors for the official 'opening' of the Centenary Grove, sundial and burial of the time capsules (photos to come).  We ended our celebratory day with the raising of the flag on our new flagpole, singing the National Anthem and our school song.  It was quite a moving occasion and certainly one that we will all remember for many years to come. 


  1. What a great day for our kids to be involved in. A lifelong memory. The flag raising was very moving indeed.

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful celebration day! You all look wonderful in your best clothes and it is nice to see you including Theodore on such a special occasion. It was lovely to hear you all singing during the flag raising ceremony too. Happy Birthday to Eastern Hutt School! - Lisa (Libby's Mum)