Thursday, 19 November 2015

Bee Swarm....

It was both exciting and a little scary to encounter a bee swarm at lunchtime today. Whlst enjoying our sandwiches and fruit, a large swarm of bees swooshed down into and across the courtyard sending students and teachers running into their classrooms for cover.  It gave us all a huge fright, but were pleased to hear no one got stung.  

Everyone was very interested to know why the bees would swarm like that.  The Auckland Bee Keeper's Club website has some really interesting information on it. They tell us that bees swarm for different reasons, but usually follow the Queen bee.  It might be that they are forming a new colony or moving to a new hive.   They swarm usually in direct sunlight, and today was a beautiful sunny day.  The swarm came from across the senior field and the roofs of G block, through B Block and E block courtyards and over towards High Street.  

Although some of us were scared of the bees, we agreed that it was great to see so many as there are supposed to be fewer and fewer of them, and that they are very good for our gardens.  


  1. How exciting! Lucy and Hope noted that our family is like a swarm of bees tonight because we too will be zooming around looking for our new home tomorrow as well. Perhaps we should follow the bees! :bbbzzzzzzzzz!

  2. Dear B5
    What a lot of bees! No wonder you all went running for the classrooms. We hope that the bees found a good new home, so that they can continue to make yummy honey.
    Sometimes we get wasps hanging around us at lunchtime. They like to live in the forests too, and eat the honey dew from the trees. We don't like the wasps much!

    from Mrs McKenzie and B4

  3. That must of been frightning!