Monday, 2 November 2015

Postcards from All Around the World...

Late last week we received our 106th postcard ... from Ivy (Wilfred's big sister) on her travels around Europe.  

It has been and continues to be, very exciting whenever we get a new postcard. We read them, talk about and research the images on the front, check out the postal dates and work out how long the mail has taken to reach us (like many of them, Ivy arrived back at school well before her postcard arrived).  Some of the stamps are really interesting too.  We mark on our world map where postcards are coming from.  It's easy to see the regions of the world where we have not yet received one or many (hint, hint) - Russia, Africa, Asia, South America, Pacific Islands, Finland, Alaska, India, Greenland and many parts of our own country.  

We still have a stash of our very own postcards we'd like to send out too.  Would you like to receive some mail from a bunch of cool Kiwi kids?  If you'd like one, please leave your address in a comment (we will not publish these) and we will write one to you.

A few of our stand outs would have to be a letter Mrs P's Grandad who is 102, a postcard and letter from our Prime Minister the Rt Hon John Key and a postcard all the way from Alaska.

Thank you all for your lovely postcards and friendly words, we love receiving your cards and look forward to the mail every day.

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