Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Letters to Santa...

Today we have written letters to Santa and have sent them off to the North Pole.

Here's a peek at what we wrote...

I would really like it if you could bring me...

... some toys and some
stickers and some angels and please can I have a
Flutterbye Fairy ~ Akshaya
... a fluffy troll toy, a phone and a special chair
for my new room please (and some high heeled boots!)
~ Rose
... a huge lego set and a notebook with an invisible ink
pen, please.  ~ Wilfred
... water balloons and a bike and a plane with a remote, please.
~ Jacob
...  a remote helicopter and an iPod please and sleigh please.
~ Harry
... a Smiggle bag please and colouring book.
~ Hayley
... an iPod please and some activity books and a pack of markers please.
~ Manvi
... a Smiggle pencil case and a Smiggle stamp.
 I would like a Little Live Pet too please.
~ Yusra
... some pairs of fast Nike shoes and a remote control car, please.
~ Tanush
... an iPad and a phone please, and a Jack-it-Pack-It pet Kitten.
~ Ayla
... a Flutterbye please and a book about cats.
~ Emma
... a Flutterbye please and an Ipod and anything
else a six year old girl would want!
~ Hope
... a metal detector please.  I want one so I can find coins.
~ Adit
... a Little Live Pet mouse please and a Little Live
Pet bird with the cage. ~ Aaruchya
...  an iPad and some chocolate money please!
~ Elisabeth (Libby)
... a Lego hotel and chocolate please.
~ Amy
... a toy train, rocket ship and a toy plane please.
~ Mugundhan
... a Zoomer dog please, a Little Live mouse and
Kinetic Sand and also a bunch of balloons!
~ Olivia
... an iPad and a remote control car please.
~ Gregory

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