Monday, 7 December 2015


We have been learning about shapes for maths ... shape names, shape properties, two-dimensional (2D) shapes, three-dimensional (3D shapes), symmetry, rotation and translation and reflection.  Phew!  There is a lot to learn about shapes.

2D shapes we know:  triangle, circle, square, rectangle, octagon, rectangle, pentagon ... and many more.

3D shapes we know: sphere, prism, pyramid, cone, cylinder, cube ... and many more.

Today we made a rectangle Christmas puzzle using 8 triangle pieces. It was tricky.  We had to turn the triangle (rotation) and flip it over (reflection) and slide it (translation) to get all the pieces to fit nicely together.  You can try the activity here

When something is symmetrical, it means it is the same on each side.  We made butterfly pictures using paint to demonstrate symmetry...

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